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Welcome on board

In our first issue (March 2007) we bid you welcome on board as you were genuinely interested in ‘tall ships’ and because you wished to support our mission: to promote Curaçao, its harbour and help our youngsters at the same time. These are the main reasons we keep going, keep inviting the ‘tall ships’ and induce them in accepting our invitations. We hope you will also enjoy our present site.


BAE Guayas, the sailtraining ship of Ecuador will visit us from 12 - 14 January 2022.
Stay tuned for more info + images for this first visit of this beautiful ship!
In the meantime visit us on Facebook for more information.

The 'Juan Sebastián de Elcano', the emblematic tall ship of the Spanish Navy, visited us from 22 - 26 February 2020. On 3 November 2019 she started on her sailtraining cruise XCII from Cadiz (Spain), as part of the commemoration and celebration of 500 years of the First Circumnavigation of the Earth, that started in 1519 by Magellan & Elcano looking for the Spice Islands and completed by Elcano in 1522 presenting proof that the Earth was round...
The visit was an great success and they left our island totally in love!

Follow us on Facebook for more information and lots of pictures!

15 - 18 July 2018

Curaçao was Port of Call of this Regatta. The event in Curaçao has taken place on Sunday 15, Monday 16 and Tuesday 17, July 2018. On Wednesday 18 the tall ships of the participating countries have left Curaçao and sailed to Cartagena (Colombia). 

You can see the pictures on the left or visit our Facebook page Velas Latinoamérica Curaçao and enjoy...


In view of the phenomenal success of this first Latinamerican Velas festival in our World Heritage Port City, we will be part of Velas Latinoamérica 2022, when Brazil will be the organizer on the occasion of their bicentennial independence celebrations. Stay tuned for more updates!

Velas Latinoamérica Curaçao 2022  
From 7th till 12th of June 2022

Everyone still remembers the phenomenal Velas Latinoamérica Curaçao event of 2018 from 15th till 18th of July 2028...

This time the Navy of Brazil, the organizer of Velas Latinoamérica 2022, has asked our island to welcome the participants of Velas 2022 from 7 – 12 June to our Port City; it will be a very special event as Brazil will be celebrating the 200th Anniversary of its Independency from Portugal.

The itinerary will follow the one of 2018. Check it out!

So once again in 2022: the tall ships will come to Curaçao!

Velas Latinoamérica 2022 started in Rio de Janeiro on the 20th of February with a Regatta along the countries bordering on the Atlantic, on the Pacific and in the Caribbean; they then sailed into the harbor of Willemstad, Curaçao on June 07, 2022 ... Starting a fabulous 6 days' Tall Ships festival!

A great Tall Ships Festival, where different cultures, food, music and people will meet together to show the world that we are a unique Island, waiting to welcome you with open arms.

We invite you to be part of this great Tall Ships Festival.

So... Stay tuned – and be there in June 2022!



                                   Curaçao - Tall Ships Port of the Caribbean 

The Juan Sebastián de Elcano and the Esmeralda have recently commemorated
500 years' of the First Circumnavigation of the world, by sailing through the Strait of Magellan, 
just as Magellan had done 500 years ago!


Congratulations to our Curaçao Ports Authority with the excellent results of the annual
ISO audit and thereby receiving the certificates of ISO 14001 and 9001 norms.